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Conventional STD testing might be embarrassing to some people. The idea of walking into an office full of people, then proceeding to the counter, speaking to the receptionist who then directs you to a doctor who is to test you for a sexually transmitted disease may be appalling to some people. This especially is if you are an introvert, or if the idea of being stared at makes you want to crawl out of your skin.

For this reason, that is, the inability to be comfortable and fear of judgment when testing for STDs, we have confidential online platforms on which you can check your sexual health without the results having to go to your medical records.

One such platform is which is a confidential and FDA approved site for testing for STDs. On this site, you have been assured a confidential and efficient way of getting tested at a fee.

Before we get into this review, the first question you need to ask yourself is why it is a good idea to get tested confidentially rather than by the use of the standard channels. The reasons are:

• Confidential testing helps you dispel any anxieties that you may have concerning your sexual health without causing a panic to your partner. In case the result comes out negative, you have nothing to worry about.

• It is time-saving. After making the order, you can spend a few minutes giving a blood or urine sample then waiting for your results. The results arrive within two business days. This saves time quite a bit.

• If the results come out positive, there is less stigma as the number of people who will be aware of the result will be controlled by you.

So, how do you go about it?

Now that you have decided you want to get tested in the most confidential way, how do you go about it in It is actually quite simple, and this review will prove that.

First, visit the site at and sign up for the 10 test panel, which is a comprehensive test coverage. In the 10 test panel, you will be tested for HIV 1&2 antibody, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and herpes 1&2. However, if you prefer to be tested for just a single or two of the STDs above, that is still an option. You can place an order either by phone or online.

Placing the order involves indicating your location on the site, or informing the staff on the phone. Afterward, you are given an array of clinics to pick from your location. Pick the one you prefer.

You are then sent a code via email, which is the code that you will be required to produce upon arrival at the clinic. No appointments are necessary, and you can drop by at any time. During the lunch break, you can make a detour to the clinic as you go to pick your burger.

Once at the clinic, you will be required to produce either a blood or urine sample, depending on the test. After that, go pick your burger and head back to the office. The results are sent after two or three business days, and they are sent through an encrypted email that only you can access.

If the results are positive, you can consult a doctor from for free via phone, except for patients suffering from herpes 1, and treatment may be prescribed over the phone. At times, though, you might have to consult your own doctor when diagnosed. Testing Options

There are two testing options on, and this review would be incomplete without explaining them.

The first test is the 10 test panel, which tests 10 different STDs as mentioned above. The other kind of text is the one where you pick a specific test you want to be performed on you, whether Chlamydia or HIV screening. The choice is all dependent on you.

However, I should mention that the 10 test panel gives you more value for your money as compared to taking just a single test.

So, about confidentiality…

The main reason for using is for privacy. There are several ways through which this is assured. First, the payment is done using a credit card, via PayPal or using a check. This way, your insurance company will not be able to access the results from the test, and neither will anyone who you don’t want to access the results.

Secondly, the results of your test are sent via an encrypted mail as opposed to the standard mail. This way, the first person that will have access to your results will be you. Results posted via mail may fall into anyone’s hands.

Finally, the use of a code as you go for testing at the clinic is a sure way of hiding your identity. When you get to the clinic, you are only required to produce the name and no additional contact information. Payment Options

Since the main goal of this kind of STD testing is to ensure that you have absolute privacy while conducting it, the payment options also have to ensure this as well.

The payment methods allowed are PayPal, credit card, health account savings and check. These records are kept strictly between you and the company, which is legally bound to keep your records private.

Health insurance is not allowed on this site and therefore, this ensures that the insurance company can neither access nor read through the records of the test that you will undergo.

However, if you prefer to make payments using your insurance company, it is advised that you visit your own doctor for testing.

In a nutshell…

Sexual health is important to any person because when you are aware of your status, you are able to take the necessary measures to protect both you and your partner. We have standard ways of getting tested for STDs, but these methods might not guarantee you confidentiality as the results go into your medical record.

This is where comes in. This is a safe, efficient and confidential way to get tested and treated in some situations, without necessarily having to disclose this to your employer or family, and the review above might not give you the complete picture.

To get the full experience, head to and get yourself tested.

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